Dancer in the Dark: Chloe Honum’s The Tulip-Flame

Today on Coven Book Club, I reviewed Chloe Honum’s lovely book of poems The Tulip-Flame!

Coven Book Club

tulip flameOften books of poetry need to be parceled out in installments to savor and digest. I’ve always liked this about poetry. You can take your time, be a careful reader, inhabit the world of each poem for a while. Chloe Honum’s debut book of poems The Tulip-Flame is different. It demands to be read in one sitting, cover to cover, so urgent is the voice in each poem, and I must say, it’s really a pleasure to sit captive with this book. Even if you aren’t a frequent reader of poetry, you’ll enjoy Honum’s poems.

Winner of the 2013 Cleveland State University Poetry Center First Book Prize, The Tulip-Flame is at its heart a record and reflection of the poet’s mother’s death from suicide. Even the poems that aren’t overtly about Honum’s mother carry in them the dramatic charge of her truncated life. There’s a loose narrative that the book…

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