Poetry Season

raleigh review

I have a new poem out in Raleigh Review! Slightly less than a year ago, Mel suggested that I check out this wonderful little journal. I did, loved it, and sent them some poems. Sometimes I have to stand outside (in the pouring rain) knocking on a journal’s doors for months/years before they let in one of my poems. Sometimes, I’m able to waltz right in. Raleigh Review let me waltz right in. Before I ever sent them any poems, I purchased a sample issue to read, and they sent me a handwritten note thanking me. I love Raleigh Review, is what I’m saying. They are good folks over there.

Guernica–lovely, lovely Guernica–made me knock on the door for a good long while, and thank goodness they did because when I finally got that acceptance, it signaled to me that my writing is at a solid place. Guernica consistently publishes knock-out poetry. You can read “Visions” here.

I have even more poems coming out in the next month or two. I guess with publishing it’s either feast or famine. Both have their value, but feasting is A LOT more fun.

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