I was thinking, well maybe I’ll just wait ELEVEN MONTHS to update my writing blog?

In the meantime, cool things have happened! I went to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference as a scholar! I got rejected from the Bread Loaf waiters’ scholarship for the fourth time! I went to AWP!

We moved to Montgomery, Alabama for a year. In July we’re moving again to Omaha, Nebraska.

And I won The Pinch’s 2017 Literary Award! You can read my poem “What the War Was Not” here. They also interviewed me for their website. And they interviewed me for their March podcast.

Poems from the internet I have been enjoying lately:

“Breach” by Graham Barnhart and “I Would Like to Tell the President to Eat a Dick in a Non-Homophobic Way” by Kendra DeColo both in Waxwing

Two poems by Colby Cotton in Diagram

“Fidelity” by Stevie Edwards in 32 Poems

“Self Portrait as Banshee” by Erin Adair Hodges in Pleiades

“On Hearing There’s an Active Shooter While Teaching High School in Truman, AR” by Zach Hester in Nashville Review


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