Happy Announcement

My full-length manuscript Forever War was selected as the winner of YesYes Book’s 2018 Pamet River Prize. It’s also a finalist for the National Poetry Series. Both things are wonderful, and shocking. It took me about exactly a calendar year to place my manuscript. Truthfully, I was gearing up for another entire year of sending the manuscript out to first book contests, and I was feeling good about it. After several drafts and ten rejections, it felt like it was in its final form. But then it landed at YesYes Books, a press I feel so lucky to be a part of.

It’s due out spring 2020 in time for AWP in San Antonio. This feels so special, as I lived in San Antonio from 2003-2004, during which I married my spouse.

I’m so looking forward to bringing this book into the world, y’all.

I also have a poem up at failbetter, “Retrieving the Guns,” which appears in my book. If you’d like to read it, you can access it here. Audrey Walls, failbetter’s poetry editor, interviewed me as well, and you can read the interview (in which I talk about writing bad poems, writing long poems, my enthusiasm for place, and poets I’m reading) here. 


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