“Landscape with Preterm Labor” TriQuarterly

“Snapshot with 9-Year-Old and Ocean” and “Landscape with Tallgrass and Scales” New Letters

“In Jezero Crater” and “Lightning Dragons” New Ohio Review

“Snow” Ruminate

“Domestic Taxonomy” and “The Bat” Waxwing

“Nineteen” and “Landscape with Logging Trucks and Invasive Species” MumberMag

“Poem in Which You Leave” War, Literature and the Arts Folios: Home

“Poem with Pediatric Diagnosis and Deer” The Collagist

“In Binh Dinh Province” Thalia

“Jellyfish” and “Suppose the Conspiracy Theorists Got It Right” Juke Joint

“Forever War,” “Sucker Hole,” “Limnology,” and “The Argument” The Rumpus

“Elegy with Citrus Greening and a 100-Year Flood” THRUSH

“Elegy with Whale Fluke and C-130s” Sixth Finch

“The Foxes” Poetry Northwest

“Elegy with Altitude and Skyscrapers” Cherry Tree

“Retrieving the Guns” failbetter

“Poem with a Possible Unidentified Flying Object” Tin House

“A Small Sample of Snakes I Have Known” The Southern Review

“Abecedarian for My Son Just before His Diagnosis” and “A White Woman Can’t Be Racist If She Marries a Black Man” Pleiades

“Diagnosis in Reverse” 32 Poems

“Permanent Change of Station” storySouth

“Shark Week during the Apocalypse” Nimrod

“Kontakion for Florida” Ruminate

“Fidelity” and “Ghazal for Alabama” Alaska Quarterly Review

“Fuck, Marry, Kill–Deployment Edition” and “Home Front” Passages North

“Operations Suite,” “Delta, Echo, Alpha, Romeo,” and “Poem in Which My Husband Deploys and Our Baby and I Move Back in with My Parents” Blackbird

“Pennies” Puerto del Sol

“What the War Was Not” The Pinch (winner of the 2017 Literary Award in Poetry)

“The Abduction of Fox Mulder’s Sister” and “Scully Tallies Her Losses” Barrelhouse for National Poetry Month

“The Abductee Tries to Move Forward” LUMINA Online

“Specters” and “When All We Did Was Glitter” Ninth Letter Web Edition

“B Company” Whiskey Island

“After a While the Monsters,” “On the 15th Anniversary of a Drowning,” and “Visiting Lights” JuxtaProse

“Incident at Stone Mountain” Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat)

“Returned” Nashville Review

“Bad Fruit”  Cimarron Review

“Bully” Rogue Agent

“Disciple” The Florida Review

“Visions” Guernica

“After the War” Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Black Hawk–Santa Rosa Sound” Sugar House Review

“Flight” Raleigh Review

“Monarch Season” and “What Will Come to Pass” The Fourth River

“Homecoming” and “Pastoral” Radar Poetry

“The Weight of It” Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Aftermath” Bellevue Literary Review

“Abduction” Rattle

“Grand Cayman” and “Comet” Kindred

“Undoing” Tar River Poetry

“Kingdom”  Turtle Island Quarterly

“The Flood,” “The Exotics,” and “The Clearing” Cherry Tree

“Sagittarius, Gemini” The Examined Life Journal

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